Saturday, 28 June 2003

p is for procrastination

i need to get me one of those time control devices. or be able to de-obfuscate things (what's the word i should use there? doesn't matter, i'm making words up now).

i'm almost finished with my mini-opus, and have to hand it in in a couple of days. fine, no problem. but i'm sick of the sight of it - i hate editing! and it still needs an ending. two endings in fact (no, it's not a choose your own adventure, although maybe it should be...) - i have two sections from the POV of two different characters and neither section ends. one stops, mid-scene, and the other just kind of peters out. oh, after the gratuitous sex-scene-that-isn't-a-sex-scene.

i have more than enough words, and have been wrestling with them and trying to make them do what i want for a couple of weeks now. i feel like the key is just there, only there's this weird fog thing (not flesh-eating) and i can't see how far ahead the key is. could be a coupla steps, could be a mile. and i

apart from anything else i'd like to start some new stories and not feel guilty. :)

anyway, that was just my whinge. i suppose i've done everything else i can do to waste time today so i really should go on and open up that file and...aaaaaaaaaaaaargggggh!

Tuesday, 3 June 2003

i'm starting up a thing, trying to get my workshop group into cyberspace and i don't know if it's working...i forget that most people don't tinker around online like me. and compared to some i hardly tinker at all!

well even if it doesn't work, i have carved myself yet another little hollow in the world. still trying to figure out these ezboards, think i've almost got it. almost...

Sunday, 1 June 2003

monthly thing roundup

memento on DVD
first saw this in singapore on someone's laptop so had to see it again on a real sized screen. still impressed with the storytelling. and carrie-anne moss.

matrix reloaded
saw this earlier in the month on the opening night, complete with the usual try-hards in leather jackets and sunglasses. want to see it again - not sure it's as good as its predecessor but feel confident it will all fit better as one block once the third one comes out.

daniel deronda - last episode on tonight of this george eliot adaptation. don't know why i like it, the lead chick is actually quite annoying. must be the costumes and the flouncing and the troubled young men with sideburns. but it does make me want to go and read george eliot, don't know why i haven't as yet.

carpe jugulum - terry pratchett
continuing on my witches' trajectory, avoiding real books.

on not speaking chinese - ien ang
a real book, mainly for uni, but a very cool book by a very interesting woman

new map of the world - paul coleman trio
about a boy - badly drawn boy