Wednesday, 24 November 2004

stop press

Library releases classified JFK doodles

aside from being an amusing headline, go look at the picture they have up on that link (you may need to be registered) and then read this last para:

"When you see the sailboats, you realise, 'wow, he really did love sailing'," she said.

"(You) wouldn't doodle something like that unless it was something that was obviously on your mind when you were sitting in that meeting."


but then, this is a woman (his secretary) who obsessively archived every bit of paper the man ever scribbled on, so, you know, she has special insight. obviously.

Wednesday, 17 November 2004


okay, so this is weird enough. but thisis just...wrong!!!! on so many levels!!!!

the english in the interview is also kinda funny.

but 'girlfriend's lap pillow'?! i don't understand what happened. has the world always been like this? have i just been in denial for far too long?

Monday, 15 November 2004

poets of the modern age

what do you think this person's first language is, and what do you think he's really trying to say?

This product is a full natural herbaceous lozenge incorporating a salmagundi of weeds known for promoting sexual desire with performance. By using this pills you should see an increase in intimate craving, an amelioration in your volume and performance, also as increased energy and joy during intimate activity.

and for those who don't know, a salmagundi is:
sal·ma·gun·di n. pl. sal·ma·gun·dis

1. A salad of chopped meat, anchovies, eggs, and onions, often arranged in rows on lettuce and served with vinegar and oil.
2. A mixture or assortment; a potpourri.

so now you know.

Thursday, 11 November 2004

more spam excitement

i was just going to delete this when it arrived today, but the syntax is so charming i had to share it:

Our latest sight displays that 46 percent of girls are unsatisfied
with their sexual associate. Of course most of these women would never impart their mates that they are ill-fated.

sounds like some black widow action to me...

Tuesday, 9 November 2004


i just came to appreciate, once again, what a brilliant song into temptation is, and how beautifully neil finn weaves images with words. i can't decide which bit of the song i like the best, although the first four lines are a pretty persuasive hook, as far as i'm concerned:

You opened up your door
I couldn't believe my luck
You in your new blue dress
Taking away my breath

although maybe it's all about the context of the song...

one of my favourite crowded house songs is she goes on from the album woodface - perfect harmonies, another one of those lovely neil finn images, turning on a point of wistfulness and joy mixed together. but then there's songs like private universe and when you come and...

it's wonderful to rediscover these things sometimes.

Wednesday, 3 November 2004

what a thrill!

jeremy just sent me this email he received today:

Our modern view displays that it requires an average of only 2.6 drinks to make a hang-over. But my pills assistances you avoid hangovers and come alive sensitive immense from head to stomach and all over else.

why has it taken so long for this miracle to come to light?!

Tuesday, 2 November 2004


let's see. what have i been feeding my head?

last night watched a random episode of six feet under, which is a great show in small doses (when i rented the first season on DVD i ended up feeling ever so slightly out of focus after watching it and decided one episode at a time was probably a better move). i agree with things i've read that say the opening titles sequence is excellent - it is almost perfect. but that leaves me worrying that i don't get out enough if i am starting to appreciate the merits of a credit sequence.

most recently saw shaun of the dead with heath. very funny, if you like zombies and english comedies like the office.

have been getting in a lot of slothing time lately. the usual buffy nights with mark and jen have been quite frequent lately, and we've watched almost a whole season over a couple of nights (just seen the end of faith, which is a shame because i like eliza dushku).

my mum stayed at my house last week and we watched girl with a pearl earring and lost in translation, a bit of an inadvertent scarlett johansson fest. the first was...pleasant, but lacked something, i thought (as did the book, for that matter). absolutely beautiful film to look at, very evocative of vermeer, and colin firth was also extremely...good to look at. but lost in translation was infinitely better, obviously a very different film, but very well put together and great performances by johansson and bill murray.

the sunday afternoon movie fests continue, but i've seen most of them before - in the last few weeks we've watched chocolat, moulin rouge, once upon a time in mexico, nicholas nickelby, and the recruit, amongst others.

last sunday we watched kill bill vol 1 & 2 (first time for me). watching them together was a good ploy i think, they are brilliant films if you can stomach the violence and some of the ickier concepts (the bit in the hospital when the bride first wakes up and finds out what the intern has been doing to her...oh man...). tarantino's manipulation of time and genre appeal to me. uma thurman, sonny chiba and lucy liu are great. david carradine is too, in a creepy kind of way, but i never saw kung fu so i don't have much of a reference point for him. i was surprised how good daryl hannah was actually, but then the enduring image i have of her is as a mermaid in splash so i guess she didn't have to do much to improve on that.

you won't be surprised to learn i just read pratchett's night watch again. one of his best discworld books, i'd say.

am about to start on gaiman's american gods, but not sure if i'm in the mood for it. maybe i should give margaret atwood's the blind assassin another go. it bugs me, that i couldn't get into this book, as she had been my favourite author for years and years. i still think she's amazing (oryx and crake left indelible impressions), but maybe my capacity for complex prose has diminished over the years for some reason. i should try to rectify this, i feel.

haven't done much lately. pulled out a bunch of half finished stories - wanting to know what happens next when you get to the end of one of your own stories is a good sign, i think, so hopefully i can start working on some of them again. lost interest in the cyborg story, but there is a good whack of it sitting there on my hard drive so maybe i'll go back to it one day, along with undragon stories (my MA work).

and that's me at the beginning of november.