Monday, 28 June 2004

such gorgeousness

check this guy out. there's wallpapers and icons on the goodies page, but his artwork and animations are fantastic.

ah, whimsy.

Wednesday, 23 June 2004

haven't had some silliness for a while

this is just too funny - LOTR pastiches. there are too many for me to care about and some that are not that great, but my favourites include:

losing my one ring
sauron and saruman
frodo jones' diary
a few good hobbits

sad, sad, sad. :)

general erg-iness

been sick now for almost a week. it's getting old. today i have developed earache in addition to all the other unpleasant flu-like symptoms. these are the times when i just want to curl up in a corner somewhere and sleep for three weeks. i bought a sleeping bag on the weekend - the temptation just to get into it and never come out is very strong.

but i have so much to do in the next few weeks! work, as usual. in a week and a bit i'm going to the mary andrews college conference for the saturday, and am going to be one of the readers at the fireside reading thingy in the evening - i did it last year and it was most fun. i got to eat heaps of chocolate and read a big slab of CS Lewis' the magician's nephew and did voices and everything and it was lots of fun.

then the kids club - KASM - that i'm helping to run at church is the week after that (gulp) and although we're steadily progressing towards being organised, every now and again i feel a small tremor of panic. i'm good at this kind of thing but i've never been the person in charge...a little scary.

then that saturday is our winter dinner at church - winterfest. we've got nicky chiswell coming to play, which should be cool except she hasn't been in touch for a while, so i hope she hasn't forgotten. and i am supposed to be in charge of that too, but i think i feel some more extreme delegating coming on.

if only i could get over this sickness!

Wednesday, 9 June 2004


it's been an oddly pleasant day at work, quiet and tinkering with computers. i don't mind that when there isn't a pressing deadline - there's a lot less swearing this way. :) but after tinkering with the PC and loading XP onto it, i am quite glad to come back to the warm cuddliness of my mac and the fluid loveliness of OSX. although XP looks pretty, it just...isn't underneath. these are technical terms, you understand. it is important to rate operating systems on cuddly, lovely and pretty scales, down to infinitesimal degrees.

so i need to get out more. what else is new?

Friday, 4 June 2004


i suppose i really should mention that i got my marks back from my examiners. very happy with them. no huge criticisms and any that were made were entirely valid, so it's a good outcome really! no corrections!!!

now i have to get it bound in hardcover and there will be a book in the unsw library with my name on the spine. that's one of the best bits, i reckon.