Wednesday, 31 December 2003

joe made some other cocktails that changed and morphed over time, but they were first called 'red peril', containing:
raspberry juice and liqueur, strawberries and coitreau. incarnations also included mint, pineapple and possible other things.

now they are making long island iced tea and as there is only 24 minutes left until the new year, it is of little consequence.
joe couch with the tousled hair and artful singlet made harvey wallbangers - galliano, vodka, and fresh orange juice

bek is making something pineappley. She's calling it a Pielapple Plush. It contains:
pineapple juice (mr kool)
orange juice (not even fresh)
lemon juice
the total instructions

bruno: very good
pam: subtle, refreshing
karen: very nice
ben: pretty good, i think i'd better stop drinking the creamy ones though
heath: doesn't know because he doesn't drink cocktails

okay. that's it for now. haven't tried joe's harvey wallbangers yet.
next is a mojito by french bruno. it contains:
crushed ice

my first response was that it tastes like a salad, but it's very...clean tasting. heath said you can't make friends with salad. which is true.
okay. so herewith we shall document all cocktails created this evening.

the first, which was mine and not too original, was a whole lot of watermelon, raspberry juice, bacardi, lime juice, ice - blended in a blender and very tasty indeed. i think we'll call it a Crush on Bekka.

the most recent is called Peaches and Cream, created by Ben Rolfe.
fresh peaches
honey (the secret ingredient, which is now posted on the net)

i pronounce it to be mmmm....sacrelicious...but it needs to be colder. bek says it's yummy. i can't really taste the peaches. i can only really taste the bailey's, which might have something to do with the fact that ben basically upended the bottle into the blender. still. not bad.
okay, well in the meantime while i skulk and hide from social interaction i will tell you that it has been a

bek has to say hello now.

hello world
happiest of new years
2004 is definately going to be better then 2003 I feel
thats enough from me

well, short and sweet i suppose. the kitchen is full of chatty people, natalie merchant is playing (which is kind of mellow really). i keep hearing snatches of conversation that blend together in a very surreal way, punctuated by laughter and momentary lapses. ben rolfe made bek a dodgy salsa mix, including finnish and french salsas. i'm not sure how i feel about that. bek just put it on and immediately began dancing around the room. it's very cute.

anyway, my holidays are almost over. it has been a very social couple of weeks but not long enough, i fear. it doesn't quite feel like a holiday unless i go somewhere, and if i had the time i probably would have gone...somewhere. it's been good catching up with people, though, as i feel i have been in a bit of a blackout due to writing and general stress. i suppose as a writer i have to get used to those periods of seclusion and silence; in some ways i crave it, but after a while i start to feel a bit adrift. it's good that i have the sorts of friends who don't mind if i disappear for a while, as they know i'll always come back. eventually.
i'm at bek's and we are building up to the new year by drinking lots of yummy things. it was pretty much a case of bring-whatever-half-bottles-of-stuff-you-have and put them together in the blender. so far we haven't come up with anything unpleasant...i'm sure it will happen at some point, but so far the experimentation has been successful...i shall keep you updated, as i'm sure you are curious and enquiring minds need to know.

(have the taste of butterscotch schnapps and baileys on my tongue. i will spare you the name of this shooter - 10 points if you guess it*)

*points have no actual value

Friday, 26 December 2003

another hot christmas! it was 35 degrees celsius at 6pm yesterday, and probably about 40 in my house. my bedroom, in particular, seems to retain heat very well, with the additional feature of excellent acoustics, enabling me to hear every word uttered by my neighbours across the way. and do these neighbours speak poetry, discuss philosophy, delight in the finer elements of intellectual argument? no. they listen to christina aguliera, play soccer on their playstations and call each other 'asswipe'. normally i wouldn't care in the slightest, but when it is very hot and i have to sleep with the window open, it is less than pleasant to hear every detail of their sordid little lives.

on christmas day, though, it was perfectly quiet and peaceful despite the heat. it is only now, on boxing day, that they have all returned from wherever they celebrated christmas. i know they are here just to inconvenience me, aren't they? ;)

but how wonderful, even if it is only two weeks, to have time off to sleep in, and read silly books, and watch lots of movies and generally sloth out! i am going to see return of the king tomorrow, possibly going to a movie marathon on sunday, have another buffy day planned for tuesday, and a lazy new year's eve. ahh.

now if i can just learn to love my neighbours, all will be well with the world!

i hope you are happy and well, wherever you may be.

Friday, 12 December 2003

you have to look at this. it takes very little to make me laugh, but a lot more to keep me laughing. I love this!

well, almost halfway through december. i had my doubts that i'd get this far. everything seems so stressful, but when i break up all the things that have demands on my time, there isn't actually anything that deserves the stress attributed to it.

if there is such a thing as burnout, i think i am officially burned out.

but it's holidays soon, and there's plenty of good food around, and tonight i get to watch several episodes of buffy with mark and jennie so things are looking up!