Wednesday, 23 November 2011


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A love of amigurumi - well, the idea of amigurumi - was one thing that spurred me on to learn crochet. This is Rupert, the first bunny I made, out of cheap acrylic yarn. He's kind of wonky and for some reason reminds me more of a lamb than a bunny, but he's cool anyway. And he has a vest.

Random granny

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This is my very first crocheted rug. Having made quilts in the past, and starting off my crocheting fetish with granny squares, I decided to use the same principles to make this rug. It's a good one for snuggling up in front of the TV with. It's made from Lincraft Celtic yarn (alpaca, acrylic, wool).

Curiously, though, after I washed it my cat, Mattie, won't sleep on it. Actually refuses to even touch it. If it's on the bed and she wants to sit on the bed, she will find the only spare two centimetres uncovered by rug and will perch there. She's very stubborn.

Tuesday, 8 November 2011


Just a quick one to ask for prayer - I have three exams left and then my time at Moore College will be over. This week are the big guns - doctrine tomorrow at 10am and church history on Thursday at 3.30pm. There is so much to remember for both these subjects, and although a lot of it (especially in doctrine) is stuff that is already a part of my Christian fabric, so to speak, the challenge is to be able to recall information, form an opinion and write coherently! Next Monday will be my last exam, New Testament, which I am less worried about. Though perhaps that's a false sense of security.

So please pray that I would be calm and focused and clear-headed, and that I get a good night's sleep tonight! Please also pray that this stuff I'm studying will continue to shape and change my heart, and not just be information going into my brain and coming out of my pen. That sounds weird. You know what I mean.