Sunday, 31 October 2004

the whingey apathetic post

i realise this blog isn't very interesting. it's akin to watching paint dry, sometimes, really. i read other people's blogs and they talk about all sorts of fascinating things (like neil gaiman for instance, but then again there is only one neil gaiman and it's probably just as well, really). or they are consistently quirky and funny, or they rant in amusing ways about pop culture.

it's not that i'm not ranty. people who know me know that i rant on a regular basis. for some reason though i find that once i get to the point of writing any of it down it's either too long and involved to go into or i just can't be bothered.

this begs the question, why did i write this post at all? is it just to get my silly sushi picture off the top of the page? quite possibly.

Tuesday, 26 October 2004

all you can eat

sushi champion
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we recently had a sushi making day at catherine's. i made that stuff on the plate there! there was lots of wasabi and soy and it was fun, but i don't think i've ever eaten that much sushi in one sitting. who thought of this? it's such a weird concept in some ways, but there's a certain level of skill involved - aside from making sure you roll the thing properly and all the rice doesn't fall out - but making it look balanced and appealing. seeing all the ingredients chopped and laid out on dishes, then putting things together and seeing the difference colour and texture makes to underestimated art form really.

Thursday, 21 October 2004


you know what's fun to discover at 3.00am in the middle of a storm? that all your windows leak.

Wednesday, 20 October 2004

a more accurate representation

graduation hair
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and just in case you thought i looked too smug or posed in that last photo, here's what i really looked like for most of that windy day. actually, it's what i really look like most of the time...

master of all i survey...well, kind of.

i don't know why i didn't mention it, but i graduated last week.


it was a sort of fun, surreal kind of day, and i was the only MA (Research) in English so i felt extra special. that's me, looking unnaturally coordinated, with my proud mother, being photographed on usa's camera phone because we all forgot to bring a camera (when i say coordinated, i don't mean organised).

it's a big relief now that it's official, and i have nothing else to hand in, no corrections to make, no little bit of protocol hanging over my head - i'm free!

until the next time.

Sunday, 17 October 2004

weather and suchlike

after a week of impressively hot days, it has now cooled down again and is raining rather steadily, which i like. the windows in front of my desk are kind of like a bay-window-type dealie, facing out over the corner of my street and a streetlight. everything looks monochrome in the streetlight's white glow, and the rain makes it even more atmospheric. the only colour comes from the occasional car's taillights.

this is perfect weather. i love it. i love being inside and looking out at times like this. it's raining enough that there are sizeable puddles, and it seems like it will continue all night. i love lying in bed and listening to the rain, and waking up to cool grey mornings.

of course, only in moderation. if it continued too long it would be depressing, but in terms of relief after a week of swelter, it's pretty unbeatable.

Wednesday, 13 October 2004

stating the bleeding obvious

it's hot. damn hot, real hot.

actually, in the twenty minute walk between my cool house and my air conditioned work, i have quite enjoyed the blazing sun and the absolute swelter of it all. reminds me of singapore and malaysia, but in a good way. i haven't quite gotten it together enough to go to the beach yet, but it will probably happen sometime before next year. probably.

one thing i find disturbing in the hot weather is guys in vans driving around with their shirts off. don't know why it bothers me. in fact, it makes me sound slightly prudish to say it. but there you go, there's my useless bit of sharing and observation for the day.

Tuesday, 12 October 2004

desk addict

okay so i've been doing nothing but data entry at work for the past two days, entering in rego forms for our national conference. hours of mind numbing processing. and i get home and i...sit in front of the computer. what's that about?

i went out for dinner with mum tonight for her birthday to the restaurant where my brother works. ate far too much delicious french food...goats cheese souffle...mmm...the most deliciously tender steak i have eaten in quite some time...mmmm

i really should go to bed, but i just had to share my gluttony with you. thank you for participating. goodnight.

Thursday, 7 October 2004

weird technology and pigeons

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i'm testing this thing to see if it will blog my pictures. i don't know why i have this compulsive desire to test new gadgety or softwarey things...i wish i actually understood how some of this stuff works. then i could conquer the world.

Wednesday, 6 October 2004

shock! movies cause brain meltdown!

after a week-and-a-bit of very little sleep and lots of energy expending, i am finally starting to feel vaguely human again. we had our second holiday kids club last week, at st stephen's this time, and it was lots of fun even if there were only around 12 kids a day. still, each one was lovely and it's here that i think quality over quantity counts. and we sang lots. and made snowdomes. it was fun.

the day before the kids club started there was a sleepover at church that i only intended to go to for about an hour...and stayed for rather longer than that. it was a weird night of half-baked brownies, chupa chups and movies i had seen too many times:

half each of the bourne identity and monsters, inc
gone in 60 seconds
dead poets society

then during the week i had mims and john staying at my place (and amelia one night too), so there was lots of eating of Bad Food and more movie watching (and i was not responsible for many of these movie choices, mind you (particularly the first two)):

a walk to remember

i think part of legally blonde but i may actually have gone to bed
the first half hour of anastasia
10 things i hate about you
scary movie 3

and the first 10 minutes of the matrix for amelia's sake, but she fell asleep so i turned it off

then the morning after the kids club i flew down to melbourne with mum and we went to echuca and barham for her work. by the time we got there i was totally spaced out and had to stay in the motel while she schmoozed and of course, what was on tv? bring it on of course! so in the last week i've had my full dose of trashy movies, nicely rounded off.

i feel like i need to go and read proust or something. i think terry pratchett will just have to do... heh.